At the roots of Spatial Numerical Association:
From behavioral observation to neural basis, SNANeB


The SNANeB project is based on the collaboration between the Department of General Psychology, DPG, at University of Padua, Italy, and the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA

latest news

Newborn chicks associate numbers and space

In the early 1800s, Sir Francis Galton, a British polymath, showed for the first time that humans describe and think of numbers as being represented on a mental number line oriented from their left to right.

Ordinality in rats

Rats are capable of learning to enter a target tunnel, to find a food, solely on the basis of its ordinal position in an array of six or 18 identical tunnels.

Ordinality in chicks

Domestic chicks, soon after hatching, move and interact with their environment to follow the hen, to join their mates and to find food.
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